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AIFC INSURANCE AND REINSURANCE PRUDENTIAL RULES AIFC RULES NO. FR0030 OF 2018 (with amendments as of 13 December 2020, which commence on 13 December 2020) Approval Date: 2 December 2018 Commencement Date: 2 December 2018

1 General provisions1.1 Introduction1.2 Insurance Business1.3 Classification of Contracts of Insurance1.4 Restrictions in respect of Insurance Business1.5 Core obligations of Insurers2 Systems and Controls2.1 Systems for risk management and internal controls2.2 Controlled Functions2.3 Outsourcing3 Risk Management Strategy3.1 Risk Management Strategy4 Own Risk and Solvency Assessment (ORSA)4.1 The ORSA4.2 The ORSA Report5 Capital adequacy requirements5.1 Application5.2 Calculation of Eligible Capital and capital requirements5.3 Use of Internal models to calculate capital requirements5.4 Solvency control levels5.5 Reduction of Eligible Capital5.6 Notification of dividends and distributions6 Investment6.1 Admissible assets6.2 Investment restrictions6.3 Investment policy and procedures7 Segregation of Long-Term Insurance assets and liabilities7.1 Establishment of Long-Term Insurance Funds7.2 Attribution of contracts to a Long-Term Insurance Fund7.3 Segregation of assets and liabilities7.4 Recordkeeping: attribution of assets and liabilities to Long-Term Insurance Fund7.5 Limitation on use of assets in Long-Term Insurance Fund8 Valuation8.1 Matching assets and liabilities8.2 Recognition and measurement of assets and liabilities8.3 Treatment of particular assets and liabilities - General Insurance Business8.4 Treatment of particular assets and liabilities - Long-Term Insurance9 Actuarial reporting9.1 Insurers that are required to have Approved Actuaries9.2 Insurers that are not required to have an Approved Actuary10 Insurers that are members of Groups11 Transfer of insurance business11.1 Introduction11.2 Sanction Order11.3 The Scheme Report11.4 Notice requirements12 Insurers in run-off12.1 Application and purpose12.2 Insurers ceasing to effect Contracts of Insurance in a category12.3 Run-off plans12.4 Provisions in respect of contracts relating to Insurance Business in run-off12.5 Limitations on distributions by AIFC-incorporated Insurers in run-off13 Prudential returns14 Captive Insurers14.1 Introduction14.2 Protected Cell Companies14.3 Application of PINS to Captive Insurers14.4 Capital adequacy requirements for Captive InsurersSCHEDULE 1 Categories of General InsuranceSCHEDULE 2 Categories of Long-Term InsuranceSCHEDULE 3 Calculation of Eligible capitalSCHEDULE 4 Calculation of Minimum Capital Requirement (MCR)SCHEDULE 5 Calculation of Prescribed Capital Requirement (PCR)SCHEDULE 6 Prudential returns by InsurersWORKING SCHEDULE 1 - List of Defined Terms for PINS and associated rulebooks