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AIFC MULTILATERAL AND ORGANISED TRADING FACILITIES RULES (MOTF) AIFC RULES NO. FR0054 OF 2021 Approval Date: 12 December 2021 Commencement Date: 01 January 2022

1. GENERAL1.1. Application of these Rules1.2. Definitions1.3. Exclusions for order routing2. AUTHORISATION2.1. Requirements for Trading Facility Operator authorisation3. MEMBERSHIP CRITERIA AND ACCESS3.1. Admission criteria3.2. Membership Rules3.3. Lists of users or Members4. DIRECT ELECTRONIC ACCESS4.1. Permitting Members that are Body Corporates to provide Direct Electronic Access to clients4.2. Criteria, standards and arrangements for providing Direct Electronic Access to clients of Members that are body corporates4.3. Criteria, standards and arrangements for giving Direct Electronic Access to Members who are natural persons5. QUALIFIED INVESTMENTS5.1. Permitted products5.2. Qualified Investments5.3. Designation of financial products as Qualified Investments6. RULES AND CONSULTATION6.1. Requirement to prepare, review and amend Business Rules6.2. Amendment of rules6.3. Waiver of consultation requirement6.4. Public Consultation6.5. Review of Rules7. FAIR AND ORDERLY TRADING8. PUBLIC DISCLOSURE8.1. General8.2. Proper information8.3. Own means of dissemination9. TRANSPARENCY REQUIREMENTS9.1. Pre-Trade Disclosure9.2. Post-Trade Disclosure10. LIQUIDITY PROVIDER11. RULES APPLICABLE TO MTF OPERATORS12. RULES APPLICABLE TO OTF OPERATORS13. TRADE PROCESSING AND FINALISATION OF TRANSACTIONS14. TRANSACTION RECORDING15. SAFEKEEPING OF CLIENT ASSETS16. OPERATIONAL SYSTEMS AND CONTROLS17. DEFAULT MANAGEMENT17.1. Default Rules17.2. Public notice of suspended or terminated Membership17.3. Cooperation with office-holder18. FINANCIAL CRIME AND MARKET ABUSE19. RESOLUTION PLANNING20. SETTLEMENT AND CLEARING SERVICES20.1. Settlement and clearing facilitation serviceSCHEDULE 1: CONTRACT DELIVERY SPECIFICATIONS